Turning Leaf unconditionally supports the vulnerable and marginalized, the people who’ve fallen through the gaps of our system, the people who are powerless and without voice. We offer them a chance to heal, empowering them to make true change in their lives. We are that single source that offers a variety of high-impact services to high- and low-risk participants.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can do alone, and mental illness and its associated stigmas is not something that is going away. This requires everyone’s involvement. Whether it’s a charitable donation, a gift in kind, or volunteering, you can help someone turn a new leaf.

Unconditional Acceptance. Empowering Change.

Sponsorship, Donations + Gifts-in-kind

Without the generous financial support from people like you, Turning Leaf would not be able to do the amazing things that we do. We change the lives of our society’s most marginalized. When you donate to Turning Leaf, you are directly helping vulnerable people.

If you’re curious how your donation is helping, connect with us and we’d be happy to tell you or, better yet, show you how your financial support makes a real difference in the lives of the vulnerable people around you.

As a non-profit organization, we only have so much money to support our participants in need of help. And, if a financial contribution is not possible, we also encourage gifts-in-kind, the kind of day-to-day items—grocery, personal hygiene, household, leisure activities—that we can sometimes take for granted in our lives.

These charitable gift-in-kind donations go a long way to empower a process of change for our participants, allowing them to transition from hungry to fed, from hopeless to hopeful, from hurt to healed.


Volunteers serve a critical role in the success of those who come through Turning Leaf. Whether it is helping serve meals, delivering medication, helping fundraise, acquiring donations of food and clothing or just sitting with a participant over a coffee, there is lots to do. Remember, time spent active is never wasted.