When you make a donation to Turning Leaf you’re not just helping fund programs – you are providing a direct line of hope for the individuals we support. Every dollar directly impacts the lives of people living with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Your gift can be the one that provides crisis support when someone is struggling with mental illness, or the one that allows someone to be sheltered safely for the night. Your gift can be the one that gets food to those that are hungry, or the one that brings our community together by showing unconditional acceptance to each person that walks through our door.

You can empower this change in someone’s life. You do make an impact. Join us, and donate today.

Types of donations


As a charitable organization Turning Leaf knows how important each and every dollar is. When you give to Turning Leaf you allow us to grow programs, fill gaps and push through barriers, and ultimately reach more individuals in need of support. We truly could not do it all without you.

Ways to give:

  • Donate to our General Fund and help us grow our programs
  • Become a Monthly Donor and see the huge impact a small monthly commitment can make
  • Pick one of our funds that you want to support and become a part of our Turning Leaf family making a difference in the lives of those in our community.
  • Host a fundraiser for us! Third Party Fundraising shows your friends, family, coworkers, and community that YOU are standing with Turning Leaf. If you’d like to host a fundraiser in support of Turning Leaf please reach out prior to launching your event.

All donations over $20 receive a charitable tax receipt. If you want to know how your donation can make an impact reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.


Our Emergency Response Fund allows us to respond to critical needs as they arise, so that even if funding doesn’t cover something, we have the ability to provide whatever is needed to help someone in crisis. People in crisis situations can’t wait for funding to be available – they need help now – and our Emergency Response Fund eliminates funding as a barrier so we can provide customized, wrap-around support without hesitation.

Our Emergency Response Fund helps cover the dollars needed above and beyond funding, to ensure every participant has what they need when they need it. Whether it’s a hotel room for someone escaping a violent and abusive partner, the costs associated with transitioning from homelessness to safe housing, or a bus ticket so that a person struggling with addictions can attend a recovery centre the moment they are ready to take that difficult first step. It covers overtime for a staff sitting with an individual who’s been victimized and is scared, waiting to be seen in an emergency room, so they don’t have to be alone. It pays for therapy for someone experiencing suicidal ideation, even though they do not qualify for the funding to cover it. The Emergency Response Fund helps us continue to provide the unconditional acceptance and unwavering support they deserve.

With your donation to the Emergency Response Fund you are giving us the ability to say to each and every participant we support:

“I see you are hurting. How can we help?”

Community Cupboard

The Community Cupboard began as a physical cupboard, a way to store emergency food and hygiene items for the individuals we support. We began by filling it with items like Boost for those who have been without a meal for a few days, pop-top soups for those without can openers or even pots to heat it in. We stock feminine hygiene products for our women who have to choose between buying tampons or dinner. Shampoo, soap, and razors for those trying so desperately to maintain their pride and dignity in times of hardship.

As the Community Cupboard grew, we realized not everything our participants need fits in to a cupboard and that there are so many needs for those in crisis that extend past a meal and a shower.


Sponsorship is a wonderful way to show your support of Turning Leaf. By partnering with us you become not only an ambassador for Turning Leaf, but part of our team, providing hope to those hurting and in need. Our stories of hope and success can be shared with your team and supporters, showing the difference you as a sponsor have made for Turning Leaf and the community we all share.

12 Days of Giving

We are incredibly grateful for how this community continues to show up for the vulnerable people we have the privilege to walk alongside. Our compassionate community of donors just keeps growing, and we couldn’t be more inspired by and thankful for your support.

We want to thank each one of you who gave to this year’s 12 Days of Giving campaign. We are beyond excited to share that we exceeded last year’s total and together we raised $26,513 in support of our Emergency response Fund.

Every dollar of your donation helps us help vulnerable people in crisis right now, and provide the unconditional acceptance, support and dignity they deserve. Our Emergency Response Fund allows us to fill critical gaps to ensure every person we support has what they need to stay healthy and safe at all times. Your gift helps us say to each and every person we support:

“I see you are hurting. How can we help?”

Join us December 1 – 12 and let’s make 12 Days of Giving 2023 another success!

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Turning Leaf Donor and Partner

As part of our partnership BrettYoung is proud to employ Turning Leaf participants. These individuals are kind, friendly and happy, and they bring these qualities to our workplace every day they are here. BrettYoung is so pleased to be able to support Turning Leaf knowing our monetary and gift-in-kind contributions bring such joy and meaning to the lives of the vulnerable people they support.

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