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Turning Leaf Residential Support believes that every individual has a right to feel safe and supported and to be treated with dignity and respect. Together, we aim to offer the best chance for success to those needing treatment-based care. We strive for inclusion, independence and individualization. Every person has a right to access effective service and treatment and to never be subjected to fear of harm or reprisal. We provide supports in a manner that engages their strengths and reinforces their ability to strive for positive changes. Our individuals are given the opportunity to develop new relationships and options for on going healthy socialisation. All within a non-restrictive environment, providing convenient access to service.


Turning Leaf Residential Support Services is designed to provide in-home person-centered treatment and supports to youth and adults living with intellectual challenge and mental illness. Together, we will assist the individual to develop skills that will apply to healthy and successful independent living. This begins with promoting community presence, community participation, choice, competence and respect. Each support plan is tailored to meet their needs and is created in consultation with the individual, family members, our Director of Behaviour Analysis, referring agents, and school/Day Program representatives. With our unique range of placement options, individuals can move onto other programs as their development progresses. Each placement guarantees a stable, safe and supported living environment within community neighbourhoods throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Our 24-hour shift-staffed homes each offer a welcoming and nurturing environment to both youth and adults. Support can be provided to an individual or group of individuals by a team of employees who rotate through the home according to an established schedule. Each home has a unique culture, developed and guided by Turning Leaf’s vision, values and principles which comprises the attitudes, experiences, and beliefs of the people who live there. Emphasis is placed on promoting healthy, age-appropriate activities and interaction, while still providing a therapeutic milieu, including counseling and support. Individuals receiving this service are currently demonstrating a desire to receive and engage in supports and acknowledge that attendance and commitment to positive change is essential to success in the program.



Bridged Support enables participants to access the 24-hour support of a licensed shift-staffed home when they need it. This fusion model “bridges” the transition between Residential Support and Community Support for those who benefit from a more gradual change.

HOME Share

Home Share, historically referred to as foster care, is a unique living arrangement for adults living with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. The home is the primary residence of both the individual being supported and the Home Share provider. The intent is to deliver long-term, short-term, transitional, or crisis supports, in a person-centered, non-restrictive, safe and nurturing environment that promotes growth and encourages personal choice and opportunity.

Home Share providers are individuals or couples, with or without children who reside in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas. Most importantly they are people who recognize the value of others, especially those marginalized by society. A Home Share provider is sensitive to cultural diversity and is committed to opening their home and lives to someone else. Providing long term supports despite certain barriers that may be present.

Turning Leaf is currently seeking Home Share providers that are nurturing, have a stable home and a passion for managing challenging situations or those that have a desire to learn the skills required. Together with the agency representative, an in-depth application process will be completed. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Completed application form
  • Structural Report
  • Clear Child abuse registry, adult abuse registry, criminal record check complete with the vulnerable sector search
  • Home study and home visits


Cluster Living is a semi-independent support option designed for individuals who are ready to live independently in the community but benefit from additional structured support onsite. Together, we encourage opportunities for everyone to be as independent as possible by providing supports in the least restrictive, least intrusive manner. The supports offered focus on the observation, planning, implementing and execution of programs and activities that promote and encourage the learning and development of daily living and social skills.

In this model, 24/7 staffing is available onsite within the apartment style complex, and individuals also receive dedicated 1:1 Community Support hours based on their needs. This unique setting allows individuals to be empowered by the experience of living on their own, knowing they have access to support whenever they need it. The level of support an individual requires will ebb and flow over time as they learn new skills and build the confidence to live independently. The supports and services offered are always flexible and innovative, accommodating an individual’s changing needs and wishes throughout all stages of their life.

Referral Process

Adults can be referred for service by Community Living DisABILITY Service, Provincial Alternative Support Services and Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Referral packages can be sent to the attention of our Intake Manager at Please include recent social, medical, family, and school/vocational information, plus a covering letter outlining the request for service.

Renee Voss

Director of Residential Services

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live the life they want. We do not let history define people, rather we hold hope for the future because change is possible.

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